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Our Story & Our Ethos

Serving Local Australian Business IT Needs For Over a Decade

Proudly 100% Australian built, owned and operated, Sydney IT Solutions has been providing server, storage and network solutions to businesses since 2007. Before that, we were building Data Centres and setting up VoIP and Thin Client solutions for offices across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Other than custom-fit IT Systems and IT Infrastructures, our big focus is our Clients. Knowing our clients meticulously is how we gear IT Solutions that are more than just an ideal fit – we gear IT Solutions with the growth of your organisation in mind. This enables us, and the system we built for you, to grow together with you.

Whatever Your Business IT Needs – Sydney IT Solutions Are Your One-Stop-Shop

Whether you need Sydney IT Solutions for consulting, applications support, hardware/software sales and service or one managed IT solution, we are able to handle your needs, all of them, whatever they may be. If you need a custom infrastructure designed, built and managed from the ground up, then we are your team!

With Sydney IT Solutions, you do not need to shop elsewhere for anything at all – we take care of everything for you. Sydney IT Solutions are your one-stop shop for all IT solutions, Systems, Service and Support.

Having worked with clients across a wide range of industries, Sydney IT Solutions implements only the most rigorous methodologies when we design, implement, maintain and support any of our clients’ infrastructures.

Our goal is to take care of all IT infrastructure and IT related needs to that our clients are free to focus on their business; growing! Your success is our success as well.

Getting it right the first time round.

Our goal is to get it done right to maintain integrity of the work completed and achieve customer satisfaction. Professionalism, experience and competency in our work gives us the confidence to promise and guarantee our work.

The I.T. that we are especially good at

We love all things IT – but particularly specialise in the following areas


Focusing on your business success by utiling technology in the most effective way possible.

The IT and technology industries are extremely fast-paced, and keeping up to date is a full-time role in itself. As a business owner, or manager, you cannot expect to always remain on top of the latest technology available, or filtering through the plethora of information available to see which solution, or latest development, is right for your business to bother investing in.

This is where we come in. It is our jobs – and our hobby, to always stay in tune with the latest technology and information technology developments and trends, and it is our expertise that allows us to determine which developments are right for which clients.

Getting your IT Solution done right the first time round.

At Sydney IT Solutions we are firm believers in getting the foundation down perfectly. This serves multiple purposes; it saves us the embarrassment and time in having to constantly deal with fixes, break-downs, support and client -relations management and it facilitates a smooth growth of your IT infrastructure and solution for business growth. This is because a solid, fundamentally correct IT Solution allows for future growth and development.

Communication with our clients

One of the ways in which we accomplish this solid foundation for your IT Support is by maintaining open communications with our clients. “Cross your T’s, dot your i’s and always cover your bases” is the adage we prefer to live and work by. This is the basic premise under which we function and this is how you know that it actually goes against our nature to be lax with anything we do, or to compromise on the quality of the work we provide – or the results to our clients.

Maintaining High expectations of ourselves

We perform our IT the way we would want it performed for us.

If we were to hire an IT Company to offer us IT Solutions, IT Support and IT Services, we would expect not only the highest, most stringent standards to be adhered to, but we would expect the IT guys to treat our best interests as their own best interests.

This is exactly why we have always adhered to looking out for our clients’ best interests economically and ethically. We are all about making sure that the IT Solution we implement for your business will work for your business, and facilitate its growth.

Just as we would expect from others, we always provide IT Services and IT Solutions with honesty, integrity and great pride in our work.

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    Some of the I.T. Services We offer

    • Data Cabling Service
    • Cloud Migration & Management
    • Business Computer Support
    • IT Support
    • Hardware & Software Licensing
    • IT Consulting
    • Virtualisation & Data Recovery
    • Managed IT Services
    • IT Security