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Is your business, like many others, looking to expand your storage infrastructure?

There is now a trend among businesses and enterprises that they are generating, and as a result storing, more data than ever – and according to industry followers, this trend is likely to only keep growing. This data surge is driving businesses to expand on their infrastructure, data storage being a particular area.

From our experience, we have seen that most IT infrastructure expansions are driven by the need to expand on data storage. The rapid data growth is happening at an exponential rate, and keeping up with this is proving to be a case of growth fundamentally impacting infrastructures.

Data is no longer simply being retained for purposes of data recovery, or regulations compliance, it is now being used by businesses for marketing, selling, or analysis purposes, and in order to comply with a business’ new digital strategies, these organisations now need to start looking into investing more into their enterprise storage solutions.

When looking at enterprise storage solutions there are several factors that require consideration;

Data Security

Security is a huge priority. At Sydney IT Solutions, all enterprise storage solutions we develop and implement for our clients have security as one of our main priorities. We utilise the latest products and trends to ensure that all possible measures are taken to protect our clients’ data from unauthorised access, data corruption, attacks, data breaches or any other events that may compromise our clients’ data.


Solid-state storage is proving to be a technology that business owners and decision-makers are showing a move towards. It is becoming a somewhat favourite for those whom we are implementing enterprise storage solutions for. The recent decline in associated costs of this technology, coupled with familiarity with the value SSD offers has helped in creating enterprise storage solutions that are not only performing significantly faster, but are aiding in helping businesses pursue their initiatives.

Storage Virtualisation

This is where the physical storage from multiple devices is grouped together and presented as a single storage device. This allows organisations to maximise storage resources whilst lowering the costs of managing the constantly increasing amount of data. At Sydney IT Solutions, this is yet another method we offer our clients in the way of enterprise storage solutions.

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