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Whatever challenges your business might be facing, we are here to advise you on the best possible course of action to maximise your productivity and reduce your overall costs.

Advising businesses and organisation on how best to use IT and technology to achieve their goals and objectives is one of the things we do best.

As IT specialists, we work in close partnership with business owners in order to achieve the task of taking their business to the next level, through the deployment of technology. We consult on how business IT structures can be improved to be more efficient and, ultimately, prove to be profitable to the organisation.

Our approach to consulting is one of professionalism, expert knowledge and effective and efficient communication.We use our many years experience, creativity and innovation to benefit our clients end goal and harness our problem solving and strategic skills to support businesses in achieving their next milestone through the implementation of a finely tuned IT solution.


IT Consulting services from Sydney IT Solutions, Service and Support

Make IT Support mean that your business is actually being supported

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    • IT Consulting

      We take a holistic approach to your IT System. We work closely with you and your staff in order to assess your present IT situation so that we can offer a highly-customised, all-encompassing IT Solution to help strengthen and build your business. We educate you as we go along in order to help you make highly informed decisions pertaining to your business’ IT situation.

    • Virtualisation & Storage

      We are all about empowering your business. By implementing virtualisation services we are enabling your business to economise by maintaining less equipment,  as well as getting better use from your equipment. Virtualisation also helps make your backup and recovery more reliable.

    • Cabling & Installations

      All too often we have been asked to help out with IT projects for business to encounter some poor office manager, somewhat out of their depth, trying unsuccessfully to collaborate the electrician for the cabling, the IT guy for the hardware installations, the air conditioning person for the right room temperature and so on. We work very closely with highly specialised, experienced professionals in all fields necessary to complete your IT project from beginning to end without the need for your to run interference, or umpire.

    • Disaster Planning & Recovery

      Electricity outages, extreme weather or any other acts of god or man are inevitable. There is no such thing as being 100% proof. This is why we devise and implement a thorough Disaster Recovery Plan so that you know you know you are covered in the event of something unforeseen.

    • Storage Solutions

      Your data and the management of it is critical to the success of your business. We look at your storage needs, offer the best possible solutions to fit your needs, and then develop a plan on how to implement those solutions.

    • Cloud Migration

      Many new or small businesses are utilising the affordability that cloud services offer today. Sometime it is economically beneficial to use cloud-hosted software options like accounting software, CRM platforms or Microsoft Office 365. Whatever platform or service you chose to utilise for your business, we are here to make sure that the migration is smooth, with minimum down-time – if any. Should your business grow to the point where you are better off with your own, in-house servers, then we manage that seamlessly and capably as well.

    • Managed IT Services

      Why hire several IT Guys when you can simply call us? Sydney IT Solutions is your one stop shop for all things it. Our Managed IT Services and Solutions will ensure that absolutely all your IT needs are taken care of. We carry the responsibilities for all your IT and you get to save money, and get on with the business of building yours.

    • Hardware Services

      With Sydney I.T. Solutions, you know you are buying with peace of mind. Not only is the product you are after available to you at competitive rates, but also with the highest level of quality. Backed by our experienced staff, you know your purchases are in safe hands. If the specific product you are after requires some modifications, we offer a customisable option for purchases of desktops, laptops, networking solutions

    • Software Licensing

      Whatever products are required for your business, our extensive experience will help arrange the best possible services and rates. Not only do we handle the procurement of the necessary licensing, but we are involved in the deployment and management as well.

    • IT Security

      Whether it be from viruses and malware to targeted cyber attacks, we do not compromise on security. Equipped with the best security detection, protection and monitoring protocols and tools available, we do absolutely all we can to ensure that your business is as safe as possible.

    • IT Maintenance & Upgrades

      A lot of businesses fall into the trap of economising on their IT system and equipment until the point when something breaks, and then the perception is that the only expense is one of repairs. Network, equipment, IT infrastructure breakages cause down-time, and down-time cost the company money for every single minute that staf are not being productive. Our approach, at Sydney IT Solutions, is one of proactive monitoring, and repairing issues before they break and cause down-time.

    • Hosting

      Whether it is hosted solutions or hosting for your website or emails, we take care of it all for you. We will even set up your email addresses!

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