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IT Management

Business a slave to technology.

Due to the vast array of technology available, and the ease of access, many business owners and managers get trapped. The mindset is one of being guided, and in some cases ruled, by the technology that has been purchase or obtained.

This leads to a situation where business strategy and daily work-flow is regulated by the retained technology. The results, while not catastrophic, are most commonly costly, particularly on a long-term basis.

Not all businesses benefit from moving all their operations to a cloud-hosted solution, and in-house ‘server room’ might not prove to be the best option economically.

Our Take

The aspect of IT Management which we absolutely, uncompromisingly take very seriously is initial business analysis and IT Solution Design. Our core belief is that technology is there to serve your business. It is there to help your business function faster, better and easier. Technology is a tool to be utilised to help your business grow, and to grow with your business.

This cannot be achieved if business is yielding to the confines of a particular technology – which may not be the right fit.

Managed IT Services from Sydney IT Solutions

Our IT Management services are broad and far-reaching.Our aim is to be as encompassing of all, and any, aspects related to your IT Solution as possible. It is all about taking care of everything involved in the process to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control and support all IT services for your business.

Some of Our Managed IT Services

Virtualisation & StorageSecurity
IT ConsultingBackup Solutions
Cabling & InstallationsAudit & Advice
Disaster RecoveryCloud Strategy Consulting
Cloud MigrationBest Practice Analysis
Hardware & Software LicensingPerformance Monitoring
Maintenance & UpgradesVOIP


Managed IT Services from Sydney IT solutions

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