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Security is one of the most important aspects of any business. Since most businesses carry out a large portion of their work either online or, at the very least, across their network, it is absolutely crucial that their network security is always up-to-date and the latest available.

Protecting the integrity of your network and your data is a task that we treat very seriously at Sydney IT Solutions. This is inclusive of both hardware and software.

At Sydney IT Solutions, we utilise the latest in network and cyber security trends to manage access to your network and protect it from malicious threats. We oversee and implement all the necessary policies and controls in order to give our clients’ employees and customers appropriate access and control, whilst blocking any threats or malicious agents.

Why is Network Security So Important?

The world we live and work in today has become digitised and this digitisation of our daily activities as workers and individuals has had a profound impact on how businesses interact with each other, with their customers and with the world at large.

Services provided to customers must be protected, as well as all and any proprietary information that businesses and other organisations retain of their employees, customers, visitors etc. Failure to provide this security, or worse, having it fall under attack, can severely damage a business both financially as well as their reputation.

Types of Network Security

  • Data Loss Prevention

    At Sydney IT Solutions, we utilise tools and implement processes in order to ensure that our clients data is not lost, misused or accessed by unauthorised users. We set our clients up with software and tools that identify violations to regulated, confidential, sensitive or business-critical data.

    Once a violation or threat is identified, alerts, encryption and other protective measures are taken to prevent users from  sharing data (accidentally or maliciously) that could put our clients’ business at risk.

    We utilise data loss prevention software and tools to monitor and control activities, filter data streams on networks, or on cloud services, in order to protect it. We also set up automated reporting to ensure that data is handled safely.

    Many businesses collect and store personal information collected from their employees and customers. Protecting this information is is something that our clients have to do in order to comply with regulations which mandate that this information is handled safely, securely and privately. Businesses that store intelectual property or classified data which, if stolen, can pout our clients at risk, require IP protection.

    Data Loss Prevention also aids in correction of other issues such as insider threats, Office 365 Data Security, user behaviour and other advanced threats.


  • Antivirus / Anti Malware

    After performing an initial analysis and assessment of client needs, Sydney IT Solutions then implement and configure the best anti spyware/anti malware solution pertaining to client needs.

    We install and configure anti virus and anti malware software so that your system is protected from software viruses and other malicious software such as worms, Trojans, AdWare etc. We also carry out scans, implement strategies, utilise detection kits all in the quest for isolation and identification of known viruses.

    It is absolutely critical to have the latest and most up-to-date versions of antivirus software installed on any computers with access to the Internet.Failure to protect your computers will result in an infected machine shortly after connection. This is due to the fact that malicious bombardment is constant.

    Sydney IT Solutions consultants perform and automate file scans for malware or malicious patterns, as well as carrying out scans on any newly introduced drives such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, etc. We also remove threats and perform analytics and report on the state of security health of your network /system/computers.

    Although there is no way to be absolutely attack proof, ensuring that our clients are always protected by the latest, up-to-date security software for their networks, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones is yet another way we look after our clients’ network security needs.

  • Firewalls

    Monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic through firewalls is yet another network security measure we undertake for our clients.

    Firewalls are a defense measure which filters specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules. Firewalls have long been the initial line of defense when it comes to network security. Their role is to create barriers between internal networks, which are secured and controlled, and external networks, such as the Internet.

    At Sydney IT Solutions, we setup and configure all types of firewalls, both hardware and software. Contact us now to see how we can secure your business.

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

    An Intrusion Prevention System is a network threat prevention technology that monitors network traffic in order to prevent vulnerability exploits. Some exploits include malicious targets to applications or services which attackers use to gain control of an application or a machine. Once an attacker is successful, and gains access to the target application or user account, they can either disable the application (creating a DoS situation) or access the permissions on the compromised application.

    The Intrusion Prevention System is positioned right behind the Firewall and provides a layer of analysis that isolates malicious content. The Intrusion Prevention System then takes automated action on all traffic going to the network, by alarming the network administrators, eliminating malicious packets and blocking further traffic from the source. It then resets the connection.

    It is important for the Intrusion Prevention system to be configured properly, improper configuration will impact the efficiency of the Intrusion Prevention System which will lead to network performance degradation. The Intrusion Prevention System needs to work in real-time in order to keep up with exploits which often happen in real-time as well. The response and detection also needs to be accurate in order to avoid legitimate packets being mislabeled as threats.

    At Sydney IT Solutions, we set up and configure Intrusion Prevention Systems as a service to our clients in order to ensure their network security and network health. Contact us now to see how we can take care of your network security needs.

  • VPN

    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the extension of a private network over a public one.This enables users to communicate and share data over the public network (such as the Internet) as if they were connected privately. Virtual Private Network technology is particularly beneficial in situations where businesses have remote users or branches that need to access corporate applications and resources securely.

    Sydney IT Solutions provides the set up, configuration and implementation of VPNs to our clients as a service. Please contact us to see how a VPN can work for your business.

  • Access Control

    In the realm of network security, Access Control means selectively restricting access a point or resource on your network. We make sure that all our clients’ network points and resources are stringently regulated and set up appropriate profiles for those who can view or access these resources.

    We take care of both physical and logical access control by establishing protocols that either limit or restrict access to physical assets (locations, buildings, rooms) as well as logical access (data, systems, network).

    We install and configure all types of access control systems to carry out the necessary authorisation and authentication protocols through login credentials such as passwords, PINs, biometric scans and electronic keys.

  • Application Security

    Sydney IT Solutions take all measures necessary to improve the security of any applications being used by our clients and their staff by finding, fixing and preventing any security vulnerabilities.

    As applications become more frequently accessible over networks, they become more vulnerable to threats. Application security routines reduce the risk that unauthorised code will be able to manipulate applications to access, steal, modify or delete sensitive data.

    Some common countermeasures include an application firewall to restrict applications executing threatening files or handling sensitive data. The most common hardware countermeasure is the proper configuration of a router to prevent the IP address(es) from being visible on the Internet.

    Other countermeasures include setting up firewalls, encryption/decryption software, anti virus / anti malware / anti spyware detection and removal as well as biometric authentication.

  • Email Security

    Email attacks are extremely popular and very common. It is crucial for businesses and other organisations to protect themselves from common attacks and unauthorised tempts to access accounts or communications.

    Malware sent through emails can be severely destructive and quite costly to business owners to remediate. Phishing emails, containing what appear to be legitimate attachments or links to sites which serve malware, are decidedly common and opening such an attachment, or clicking on the link is sometimes all it takes for an entire business to become compromised.

    Securing email accounts for our clients is one of the ways we establish our clients’ network security. We do this through multiple methods. Firstly, we believe that educating our clients on the dangers that exist as well as basic protocols in identifying and dealing with potentially harming emails. Secondly, we implement comprehensive security protocols, some of which include the use of strong passwords as well as establishing the convention to change these passwords regularly. We set up email encryption in order to protect the content of emails and the attachments they carry, and scanners to scan messages and block emails that contain malware or threatening /malicious files before they can reach end users. We also implement data protection solutions to safeguard any sensitive data being shared via email.

  • Wireless Security

    Today businesses are using more and more wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. This means that their reliance and use of wireless networks is also growing – and carrying out business processes over a wireless network means that securing it is essential.

    Wireless communication occurs by wireless networks broadcasting openly their signal, and unless proper security measures are in place, the network is open for anyone to access all available network resources such as sensitive or confidential data, databases and user accounts.

    Two main forms of protection standards in wireless networks is encryption and authentication. Encryption implies that data is encoded before it is broadcast across the network, and only authenticated users, who are authorised with a decryption key, are able to decipher the data, and have access to the wireless network.

    Hackers with a vigilant persistence to do so, can eventually break in to a wireless network, and this is why it is necessary to have the latest, most up-to-date security methods in place to protect your business.

    Contact Sydney IT Solutions to find out how we can secure your business wireless network.

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    • Disaster Planning & Recovery

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      Your data and the management of it is critical to the success of your business. We look at your storage needs, offer the best possible solutions to fit your needs, and then develop a plan on how to implement those solutions.

    • Cloud Migration

      Many new or small businesses are utilising the affordability that cloud services offer today. Sometime it is economically beneficial to use cloud-hosted software options like accounting software, CRM platforms or Microsoft Office 365. Whatever platform or service you chose to utilise for your business, we are here to make sure that the migration is smooth, with minimum down-time – if any. Should your business grow to the point where you are better off with your own, in-house servers, then we manage that seamlessly and capably as well.

    • Managed IT Services

      Why hire several IT Guys when you can simply call us? Sydney IT Solutions is your one stop shop for all things it. Our Managed IT Services and Solutions will ensure that absolutely all your IT needs are taken care of. We carry the responsibilities for all your IT and you get to save money, and get on with the business of building yours.

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    • Software Licensing

      Whatever products are required for your business, our extensive experience will help arrange the best possible services and rates. Not only do we handle the procurement of the necessary licensing, but we are involved in the deployment and management as well.

    • IT Security

      Whether it be from viruses and malware to targeted cyber attacks, we do not compromise on security. Equipped with the best security detection, protection and monitoring protocols and tools available, we do absolutely all we can to ensure that your business is as safe as possible.

    • IT Maintenance & Upgrades

      A lot of businesses fall into the trap of economising on their IT system and equipment until the point when something breaks, and then the perception is that the only expense is one of repairs. Network, equipment, IT infrastructure breakages cause down-time, and down-time cost the company money for every single minute that staf are not being productive. Our approach, at Sydney IT Solutions, is one of proactive monitoring, and repairing issues before they break and cause down-time.

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      Whether it is hosted solutions or hosting for your website or emails, we take care of it all for you. We will even set up your email addresses!

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